Why I Run

As a blogger, I spend a good amount of time perusing other blogs on the web. I came upon another running blog, http://lazygirlrunning.blogspot.com/, and found that the author had started a “segment” called, Why I Run. I thought it was such a great idea I just needed to get it on Will Run For Food!

Hopefully on the days when you just can’t get yourself out of bed for a good run, you can think about why I run, or why YOU run and that will be enough to get you going! Check back often for more!

    • I run because I like how strong I feel. When I think my body is exhausted, I feel the strength in my legs pushing me forward and there are few things that feel more incredible.
    • I run because…
      “When I’m out on a long run, the only thing in life that matters is finishing the run. For once, my brain isn’t going blehblehbleh all the time. Everything quiets down, and the only thing going on is pure flow. It’s just me and the movement and the motion.” – Jenn, ultra runner quoted in Born to Run
    • I run because I feel great the rest of the day!
    • I run because it gives me an excuse to be outside for an hour when it would be so much easier to stay in.
    • I run because running = me time. Who doesn’t need some more of that?!
    • “She didn’t need a watch or a route; she judged her speed by the tickle of wind on her skin, and kept racing along the pine-needled trails until her legs and lungs begged her to head back to camp.” – Born To Run
    • I run to get runners high afterwards! Cranking the tunes on the way home from my run on the beach today is a testament!
    • The Long Run & My Love Hate Relationship With It – every runner can relate to this!

Feel free to send me the reasons why YOU run! I’ll add it to this page, and hopefully we can get some more people in their running shoes! 

Photo credit: iellepalmer.tumblr.com

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