I was reading a fellow running blog this morning, and stumbled upon this post. I feel exactly the same way, and did on a recent trip to Philadelphia, but wasn’t sure how to fluidly explain it — so I thought I should share!

“Why I Run
Having been away for a weekend that involved several very indulgent meals, I have another to add to the ‘Why I run’ list. Because, although I’ve never been overweight, age makes it more difficult to continue eating all the foods we like without some side effects. I refuse to give up eating nice, indulgent food and running means I won’t have to. All things in moderation though – I am, of course, referring to the running.”

Long Runs Need Great Music

I have recently started to do a longer, 10-12 mile run once a week and tomorrow I plan to get my run on for about 12 miles. The first time I ran 10 miles, a couple weeks ago, I listened to the new Kelly Clarkson album. Now, I know not everyone likes Kelly Clarkson, and that’s okay. The point here is that it was a GREAT running album!! I so easily ran 10 miles I wanted to call and thank her myself.

Side note: I’ve been thinking of downloading some spoken word poetry and seeing how that is. A book I’m reading right now, Born to Run (Highly recommended!), highlights some people who started running to the audio version of Howl. So interesting. Continue reading