When Your Running Legs Don’t Want To Run

On my run this morning, I was reminded of an all too familiar feeling: tired legs. Although my mind and heart were in it to win it, the ol’ legs were not having it.

When I realized I was going to run out my 5 miles as planned, I started thinking how I would actually get this completed.

You, my lovely readers, I’m sure experience this same situation some days. How you get through it, I’m not sure. However, if the case is that you in fact, DON’T get through it, and choose to stop, I  have some suggestions for next time sleepy leg syndrome comes creeping into your run. Continue reading


Week One: Start Slow

The biggest mistake people make when trying to get into a running routine is too much, too fast. The key to becoming a better runner is to start slow; in both distance and speed.

*Goal for week one: Run 1.5 miles, 4 times this week. (Wed-Wed) Continue reading