New home, new local produce!

So, I’m not sure if all who are reading this know, but Ben and I are moving to California in less than a month!! Aside from where we’ll live, where we’ll work, and every other important question on our minds, I’ve been thinking a lot about how my cooking will change! You know, I LOVE my vegetables and I’m excited to try some new stuff.

We are moving to the San Diego area, and lucky for me, there’s a farmers market twice a week — YEAR ROUND– and I plan to attend as many as I can. I was doing a little research to see what is in season and when, and found this great chart that I thought fellow readers might be interested in!

Looking at the chart, I’m bummed asparagus isn’t in season more! I LOVE asparagus, and once you’ve had the freshest it’s so hard to go back to store-bought. Size, taste or color are incomparable!

I am also excited to see what’s going to be new in Cali  because I have been feeling rather bored with my cooking lately. Perhaps I just need to learn how to use more vegetables, but my creativity has been lacking (this is also why I haven’t posted in a while!). Perhaps a change of local fresh fare and scenery will inspire a new cook within me!

Got (raw) milk??

Raw (chocolate) milk?? Thumbs up, all the way!

As of late, I’ve been interested in the hoopla surrounding raw milk, mostly because of the book I’ve been lost in since my visit to the library– Real Food: What to Eat and Why.

As I was trucking through the grocery store last week, I was considering buying cow’s milk. I’ve been drinking soy milk for a long time now, even though I love cow’s milk, because I felt like it was healthier for me; less fat, etc — the usual “healthy person” reasons. On the contrary, Real Food, speaks highly of raw milk, and the consumption of all raw dairy products. Continue reading