Baked sweet potato chips

Do you ever just want something crunchy? Well, I often crave something like chips or crackers. I decided to take the idea of sweet potato fries and turn them into baked chips. It is SUPER easy, as you know that cooking is not necessarily my forte, and very delicious!

As with everything I make, they are also incredibly versatile, and easily catered to your personal tastes. Continue reading


Food For Your New Running Bod

Now that I have you all running, right?!, you need to know what to feed that ferocious running machine! While eating healthy, such as whole foods, will always be great for your body’s performance, there are certain foods that help someone with the muscles and needs of a runner.

Snacking is an easy way to get off track with your eating, so here you’ll find some quick suggestions for incorporating healthier snacks into your running and daily routine. Continue reading

New Inspirations: eating for your office job

As always, my writing and topics are changing with the different routes I take. Being a full time writer, I’m not plopped in a cubicle for 8 hours a day. This has been a very different contrast to my previous job where I was running around for 10 hours a day and constantly eating.

Since I’ve been working, I’ve been trying to find the right balance of what to eat when I’m sitting on my butt all day and not actually burning any calories or exerting any physical labor other than typing at alarmingly fast rates.

I think a lot of people work in an office, and if you don’t feel like getting moving when you get out… aka working out, taking a walk, going for a run, you want to feed yourself good, fat burning foods throughout that day that will keep you healthy and satisfied. Snacking on the cheeto’s that sit in a bowl in your office kitchen is fine, but not everyday and does not substitute as a meal. Continue reading

I’m back!! Tofu and all!

Hello all! I have completed my travels to CA and before I do anything, let me say that it has been an incredible trip (non-healthy food, non-running, and all!)

Now that I am settled in, though, it’s time to get back to the grind and that means running regularly,  but most importantly cooking yummy meals. So, after a request for my breaded tofu recipe, I have decided it’s the perfect post to dive back into the blogosphere. Continue reading

Get the most bang for your nutritional buck!

Eating vegetables — cooked or raw — is always a good idea. Something worth investigating (don’t worry, I already did the investigating for you) is whether cooking your veggies is actually robbing your healthy produce of the nutrients your body was so looking forward to.

After all research was done, the bottom line is that most produce does hurt from using heat. Though some vegetables, such as tomato and carrots, benefit from the cooking — heat breaks open the plant cells in tomatoes, allowing for your body to better absorb the lycopene; the beta carotene levels in carrots are increased — let’s be honest, who has the time or energy to look up whether every vegetable you cook should hit the heat or not. Continue reading

Food To Fuel A Fit Figure?!

My recent amazing food discovery… I think I tweeted a picture of it a while back… is homemade oatmeal. But, I haven’t been working all week, so I’ve been playing around with more food creations and have perfected my oatmeal and thought I would share with a quick breakdown.

With homemade oatmeal, you’ll be getting your fill first thing in the morning, without the extra sugar, sodium, etc that you’ll find in the packaged stuff. Continue reading