Here it comes…. Week 3!

Hey all, so I don’t have much time at the very moment to talk a whole lot, but I know I’m late in getting week 3’s goal out to you!

Week 3 goal: 2 days of 2 miles, and 2 days of 1.5 miles!

I hope you atleast reached one 2 mile run last week, because this week you have two! I know you can do it! Once your body gets into the rhythm it just starts to work like clockwork!

Happy running, I’ll be back tomorrow with more!

PS If you missed it, check out the post Food to Fuel a Fit Figure. Nothing better than getting your day started with the right breakfast!

And always remember…


Food For Your New Running Bod

Now that I have you all running, right?!, you need to know what to feed that ferocious running machine! While eating healthy, such as whole foods, will always be great for your body’s performance, there are certain foods that help someone with the muscles and needs of a runner.

Snacking is an easy way to get off track with your eating, so here you’ll find some quick suggestions for incorporating healthier snacks into your running and daily routine. Continue reading

This valentines day… love your body!

Valentines day is all about giving love to everyone but yourself. While you should be loving yourself everyday, take the time to show your body the appreciation it deserves today.

During a busy week, it’s tough to take a moment and see what your body really does for you. So, tomorrow consider finding time for these. Continue reading

10 Easy Ways To Stay On Track With Your Running

I want to start by saying that I came up with this post idea while running — so good things can come from a nice, long run! While on my last mile I began to think about what I like about running so much… why do I get out of my cozy bed that has a cute cuddling boy in it every morning at 6:30 to run for an hour before working an 8 hour shift?

I realized that running has become a part of who I am. When I describe myself, I say “runner,” or some form of Hey, I like to run!

Let me remind you, though, that this is something that did not happen over night, in fact it didn’t happen in a couple months… It has been a year since I started running, and it has taken that long for me to say with conviction, “I’m A Runner.”

With that said, there are so many ways for you to keep on pushing yourself, to get to the point I have finally reached. Running can do so many things for you, if only you allow yourself to get there. That’s where this post comes in. Continue reading

Gotta keep running on the mind!

I hope your running is going well! It just occurred to me, however, that running is still probably only a small blip on your radar.

I want to give you some great running outlets that you can learn from and gain more valuable tips. While everything I have to offer here can be used for everyone, sometimes it helps to get more information or other perspectives! Continue reading

Week 2: Keep on keepin’ on

Week 2, and hopefully you have at least 4 days of running behind you! Even if you weren’t able to do a full 1.5 miles, I hope that you got out and tried.

Week 2 won’t be much different. Becoming a good runner, or even someone who enjoys running, takes a long time. When I first started, I ran about 2 miles every time for at least a month. However, I later learned that our bodies are capable of much more than we think or even know, so I am confident you will be able to hit your goal this week!

Week 2 Goal: 4 runs, at least one of them 2 miles.

Continue reading

Guest Post: Benefits of incorporating yoga into your running routine

My name is Caitlin, I am a Registered Yoga Teacher as well as a Registered Dental Hygienist.  I grew up in Boston, and moved to Vermont for a few months to take a Hatha Yoga teacher training. I have since moved to sunny San Diego where I am hoping to continue my education in Yoga Therapy. I also enjoy hiking, swimming, cooking, playing with my dog, live music, and a good beer!

Continue reading