This Is Me


My name is Jess and I really like eating, running and staying healthy in any way I can.

I eat a lot. My manager once joked, “I’m gonna count how many times Jess eats today and see how many meals she actually has.” On the contrary, I’m a terrible cook. This blog started as a documentation of my horrible cooking, and has since blossomed into a bit more than that.

I’m also a vegetarian and absolutely love it. This aspect of my life, without a doubt, shaped the way I see and eat food. Through personal research I’ve learned how and why it’s important to make conscious decisions about what I put in my body.

I am a runner, and love that too. I crave the feeling of accomplishment and strength I get from running.

I consider myself a fit twenty-something. I care about the way I feel both inside and out, and always to always want to look, feel and eat better.

Most of all, I’m painstakingly normal. I work normal jobs, I have pretty average tastes, and live a painfully regular life.

From my normal existence, to my desire to always better myself through living a healthy life, I hope you can relate to me in some way. Maybe you’ll even find some inspiration in my postings.

Thanks for stopping by; run on back as often as you’d like!

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