Week 4: Finish strong!

Well, here we are! We made it to week 4! I hope you all have exceeded your weekly goals, and found strength within you to do better everytime you hit the pavement. So, what is your last goal for the month?

While I want to keep it reasonable, because I know slow increases are important, I am going to suggest a less modest final goal as well.

(Whether you choose to attempt the goal that seems slightly more attainable or something to push you a bit harder, you’re doing great and will continue to do well. Don’t be ashamed, running is hard!)

Week 4 Goal: three 1.5 mile runs, two 2 mile runs;
less modest
: three 1.5 mile runs, one 2 mile run, AND one 3 mile run!

I know it sounds scary but I know you can do it if you put your mind to it.

When I started doing longer runs, and still now, I find ways to break it up into smaller pieces.

  • Set multiple goals during your run. Think, I’ll take it slow until I reach the next intersection, or when I get to that sign I’ll hit my first mile.
  • Use a running tracker. This is so easy with smart phone technology. I suggested some applications to download in Week 1, so check that out again. When you are able to break your run up into the miles, it’s easier to push through knowing you’re about to hit mile 2, or you’re on the home stretch.
  • Don’t think of how long you have to go, rather how far you’ve come.
  • If you can’t, then calculate the remainder in different terms. Think about how many traffic lights you have until you reach home, or guess how many more commercials you’ll see. It makes it fun, rather than overwhelming.

These little goals serve as distractions, but can also be a way to see your run in a less intimidating light. It’s easy to take on the next block, as opposed to another mile.

Goodluck this week! As always, happy running!


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