When Your Running Legs Don’t Want To Run

On my run this morning, I was reminded of an all too familiar feeling: tired legs. Although my mind and heart were in it to win it, the ol’ legs were not having it.

When I realized I was going to run out my 5 miles as planned, I started thinking how I would actually get this completed.

You, my lovely readers, I’m sure experience this same situation some days. How you get through it, I’m not sure. However, if the case is that you in fact, DON’T get through it, and choose to stop, I  have some suggestions for next time sleepy leg syndrome comes creeping into your run.

Slow It Down

I have said before that allowing yourself to go at a comfortable speed will make your running experiences much more significant. In this case, it may be the difference between finishing and stopping mid way.

  • Instead of trying to push through the run at a speed that is increasing your leg fatigue, simply to get it done, slow yourself down. Run at a comfortable jog. Your legs may begin to wake up, and you can push on from there.

Regulate Your Breathing

When you run, you don’t always think about your breathing. With so much on your mind, from burning calves to whats waiting for you at home, your breathing tends to regulate itself. However, on days when you aren’t in a groove, your breathing could be a factor.

Make a conscious effort to feel and recognize your breathing. Try different breathing techniques:

  • Take short, deep breaths.
  • Take quick, shallow breaths.
  • Breathe in slow, breathe out hard and fast.

You can also try to breath with your pace. This may sound confusing, but next time you run you’ll find that you often just do it. I have noticed that my breathing coincides with my stride and feet hitting the ground.

Solve A Problem

The number one fix for tired limbs? Think of everything but what you’re doing. At any given time, there is always a problem you are trying to fix, a solution you are looking to find or a situation worth mulling over. Make a concerned effort to do so in this case.

  • Direct all you energy to that one place, allowing your mind to wander in the intricacies and possibilities of your thoughts. When you aren’t thinking about how hard the run is, you suddenly find yourself back at your front door.

Running can be tough, and at any given time your body can decide it doesn’t feel like doing it anymore. When that happens, utilize every other option before stopping.

Whether you think you can keep going or not, you absolutely can. Your body is capable of so much more than you think, and by adjusting your tactics for that particular day you can finish any run.

I hope everyone’s week 3 has been successsful!

Happy running!


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