Sign up for a race

One of my readers reminded me that a great way to keep yourself working hard is to sign up for a race. Even if it’s a 5k, it’s worth doing. When you set a personal goal, it’s easy to forget about it. A race, however, is set in stone and once it’s paid for, you are in it to win it whether you want to be or not!

Check out these websites to find your next race!

I think this site is one of the most complete sets of races around the country. From 5ks to marathons, you’ll find it here.

I like that you can search for even a 1k with this site. It’s easy to narrow down what you want, when you want it and where.

I booked my LA race through, and I really like this website. If you look to the left of the website you’ll see that you can choose whatever kind of race you are looking for, even a kids race! This site also has great information about getting ready for your run, etc.

I am just a big fan of, but you will also see that you can get very specific with this search engine as well.

While all of these websites are relatively the same, perhaps one will be unique to your preferences, and work best for you.

Then, once you’ve signed up for your race it’s time to get ready for it!

My running career has been based off of pure self learning and experimentation. I never had official training to reach my first half marathon, I just felt what my body wanted and needed. After many months of running I had gotten there, and YOU will too!

  • My method: Increase your mileage once a week, easing your body into longer runs. Once you do it once, it will become easier every time.

However, if more guidance is important to you, there are plenty of resources. Most of those websites have great guides and templates for the training and completion of your race.

No matter what you do, it’s important that you listen to your body. You injure yourself by pushing too hard and too far before you are ready.

While we can all push further than we believe, there is also a time and a place to go beyond your limits.

I’ll be posting tomorrow about how to get ready for your first race!

Stay tuned, and happy running!


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