This valentines day… love your body!

Valentines day is all about giving love to everyone but yourself. While you should be loving yourself everyday, take the time to show your body the appreciation it deserves today.

During a busy week, it’s tough to take a moment and see what your body really does for you. So, tomorrow consider finding time for these.

Go for a good run

Let’s be honest, who isn’t hoping for a big box full of chocolates for valentines? Actually, who isn’t planning on eating the entire box? Yeah, that’s what I thought! Get in a good run before work, and indulge guilt free all day!


Not enough people know how good stretching feels to an overworked body. Consider trying some yoga poses, recommended by guest author Caitlin.


Remember that your body works hard for you everyday.

Your legs get you up the last hill of your run when your brain doesn’t see it happening. Your lungs help you breathe when you’re bent over in exhaustion. And your mind helps you remember what feels so good about the wind in your face and sunrise runs before work.

Love your body, thank your body and feed it well.

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