Gotta keep running on the mind!

I hope your running is going well! It just occurred to me, however, that running is still probably only a small blip on your radar.

I want to give you some great running outlets that you can learn from and gain more valuable tips. While everything I have to offer here can be used for everyone, sometimes it helps to get more information or other perspectives!

Runners World:

While this mag is generally geared toward more advanced runners, they always have helpful tips and hints about running better, faster and stronger.

  • Find them on Facebook here
  • Find them on Twitter: @runnersworld

A Trail Runner’s Blog

This blog can offer great inspiration for the growing runner. Here you’ll read about the ups downs and everything in between of someone who runs marathons, ultras, and triathlons.

Running Times

I like this magazine because it does a good job of covering a variety of running topics for everyone, whether a beginner or experienced.

  • Find them on Twitter: @runningtimes

Women’s Running

An all around great magazine about getting your run on. With commentary on food, gadgets and much more, you’ll get everything you need right here.

Find them on Facebook here
Find them on Twitter: @WomensRunning

Happy Running!


2 responses to “Gotta keep running on the mind!

    • Awesome!! Thanks so much! I was just reading through your blog — let me know if you want to guest post for me sometime! I would love to do a swap or something 🙂

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