Have fun with your run this weekend

The weekend is here, you’re tired from a long week of work and don’t want to get out for a run. However, staying on track throughout the weekend is very important. Not to mention this weekend, with super bowl munchies on Sunday. Most weekends, though, we unintentionally end up eating significantly more calories than during the week. In an article from MSNBC, dietitian Kim Gorman said, “Many dieters feels as though they’re dieting all the time but not losing weight, when, in fact, they’re creating a calorie deficit Monday through Friday but filling it — and more — during the weekend.”

If doing a full run on the weekend seems less than appealing, you can switch up your tactics. By doing a run walk, or run sprint, you can build muscle and burn more fat, without doing a full on run.

The important thing here is to set your goals. Decide you want to run to that tree up ahead and then do it. And when you do a run sprint, you actually need to do a full out sprint for this to be a worthwhile exercise.

My suggestion is to do a run, sprint, walk.

  • To do this you can set your stops and starts by trees, telephone poles, cracks in the sidewalks, whatever.
  • You want your run to be longer than the sprint, and take the sprint to really push yourself. Short bouts of high intensity aerobics will get you burning off those extra calories.
  • Your walk should be just long enough to catch your breath from the sprint, and then do it all over again. 

No matter  how you do it, stay on track this weekend. Once you start to make a habit of it, it will get easier, I promise!

Good luck running this weekend! Feel free to share how it goes!


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