Come On A Run With Me!

Good afternoon fellow runners! Although I am in Cali and you are…. well, not with me at 6am when I’m out running, I decided to take you with me today! That’s right, I got a little funky this morning and took the cam.

These picture represent some of my motivation for running at o’dark thirty. Gorgeous sunrises and ocean views are enough to get me out of bed for a 10k before work!! So, come along 🙂

I hope you enjoy this run as much as the runs you’ve had all week!

Thanks for that little push, Carlsbad Highschool!

Love to see the sun peeking out

I live in Paradise. Just FYI... yet another reason to get out running... to remember why I love it here!

Never get sick of those ocean views

Well, as you can see I have plenty of reason to get out there and run every morning.

I want to see pictures of your run! Send them to, and I’ll post them on the site!
(And, it makes the run a little more fun when you’re taking pictures too!)

What’s your motivation to get up and go?

Please feel free to share how you’ve been getting your running on!!


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