Music: A runner’s best friend

Now that you’re ready to run, you need to be equipped with the necessary tools to get you through the first mile! When I say tools I mean music. Although I have previously posted about my playlist and music choice, I wanted to talk a bit more in depth about it because this is crucial to having a successful run. There are a couple ways to decide what your music choice should be.

If you want: To Be Fast

If you need music that will keep you at a faster pace, I would suggest a few things:

Girl Talk
Passion Pit
Any kind of techno
Top 40’s
Kelly Clarkson’s new album, Stronger — the perfect running album.

A playlist I used a lot included:

All Night Long, AC/DC
La La, Ashlee Simpson
Cali Girl, Ballyhoo
Survivor, Destiny’s Child
Bootylicious, Destiny’s Child
Put A Ring On It, Beyonce
Play Your Part, Girl Talk
Give Me A Beat, Girl Talk
Use Somebody, Kings of Leon
Work, Kelly Rowland
Harder to Breathe, Maroon 5
If you want: To Distract

If you are looking for music to distract you from your burning legs or the fact that you are running in the first place, you want to choose music that you look forward to listening to. For a long time I would listen to top40’s; music that made me run faster. One day I thought, man I would really like to run a lot more if I was listening to so and so the whole time.

Suddenly it dawned on me… why can’t I?? I had always thought running music should be fast. When I began listening to music that I would choose in the car, or hanging aroung the apartment, I started to like my runs a lot more.

  • Choose a mix of slow and fast songs. Because our bodies do react to the beat of the song, switching it up will keep you at a good pace.
    My current playlist includes: Bruno Mars, Gavin Degraw, Sara Bareillas, Common, The Black Keys, and Kanye West; quite the mix.

To Match BPM

There have been a variety of sites coming out that offer running playlists based on the song’s BPM (beats per minute). Accoding to WomensHealth, your BPM “sweet spot” is between 120 and 140.

  • To find your personal BPM, or target heart rate, you can subtract your age from 220, according to webMD. That will tell you your resting heart rate. Your active heart rate should be about 75% of that.
  • However, you can find your active target heart rate as well by taking your pulse in the middle of a workout, for 10 seconds. Then, multiply that number by 6. This is a great way to get music that is suited exactly for your workouts.
  • To get this music, you should check out They have great options and fun playlists.

As with everything I tell you, make it work for yourself. What works for me could be very different from what works for you. Either way, find music that will motivate you, and push you through to the finish!



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