Tuesday afternoon cubicle thoughts about running

Here I sit, after enjoying my yummy salad and leftover scalloped potatoes from Christmas Eve dinner thinking about my run later today.

I’ve been going through a tough running time. I realized that I was on a very routine running schedule back in VT. I had been running the same routes day in and day out, and though I thought I wanted to change it up, I realized that’s actually a difficult thing to do. It was so easy for me to walk outside of my apartment and take off down the same road I did every other day that week. I knew the distance, I knew where I was going and how long it would take me to finish.

Not to mention that Carlsbad is all hills. Though I came up against a few inclines running through Burlington, it was NOTHING like here.

Needless to say, I’ve been struggling with getting running again. When it’s not so easy to just jump outside and go — hills and little knowledge of the area — you slowly begin to lose motivation; even when I thought that running had become so deeply ingrained in who I had become as a fitness lover.

I thought this would be a good opportunity to show my readers that even if you get off the running wagon, you can get back on with a little patience and desire. It’s so very important to me that I get back into the running, for my mental and physical strengths, and thus I needed to make it happen.

This past weekend, I had time off for the Holiday and decided to take those extra days to get back into it. I have been determined to get back up to the mileage I was getting back at home.

I can say that I have definitely slipped back in. I am a big advocate of, “You will run if you really want to run. You will lose weight if you really want to lose weight. You will eat healthy if it’s really important to you.” As a woman of my own word, I did. The furthest I went was 5 miles, so nothing close to the 13 I was running back home, but I’m getting there. The hills are the worst part because my legs haven’t built up the strenght I need to push through them, but this weekend I felt them getting stronger.  I was better able to scale the hills on Saturday, Sunday and Monday than I was on Thursday and Friday.

The best thing is that now I’m discovering new routes and running trails. Now that I have taken the time to reconfigure what works for me here, I am really beginning to love it again.

Enough about me! If you have gotten into a running rut– or healthy eating rut after the holidays — know that you can get back. It takes the desire to do so, but Ben always tells me to see it as small pieces in a larger puzzle. If you try to take it all on at once it seems impossible. Doing it with small baby steps allows you to see day to day progress which is motivation to keep going.

If you’re struggling with something that you’ve gone off track with, make it a priority today. Don’t worry about tomorrow. If you do it today, it might be easier tomorrow.

You can do it, if only you really put yourself to it!


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