Long Runs Need Great Music

I have recently started to do a longer, 10-12 mile run once a week and tomorrow I plan to get my run on for about 12 miles. The first time I ran 10 miles, a couple weeks ago, I listened to the new Kelly Clarkson album. Now, I know not everyone likes Kelly Clarkson, and that’s okay. The point here is that it was a GREAT running album!! I so easily ran 10 miles I wanted to call and thank her myself.

Side note: I’ve been thinking of downloading some spoken word poetry and seeing how that is. A book I’m reading right now, Born to Run (Highly recommended!), highlights some people who started running to the audio version of Howl. So interesting.

Since that first long run, I’ve been trying to listen to new music, or just new play lists, every couple of runs. If the music is new, I find that I pay more attention to it and that’s when I bust out 7 minute miles without even realizing it.

Playlist for tomorrow:

Name: The motha load (I always name my playlists something ridiculous… it’s fun, and I feel more badass haha)

A taste of the songs included:
Come Around Soon, Sara Bareilles
52-50, OAR
All Falls Down, Kanye West
Best Thing I Never Had, Beyonce
Candy, Gavin Degraw
Countdown, Beyonce
Don’t Be a Girl About It, Kelly Clarkson
Dream on Hayley, James Morrison
Everlasting Light, The Black Keys
Free Loop, Daniel Powter

There are 40 songs total on this playlist, I think it’s gonna be a good one. I like to have enough songs that I won’t have to repeat at all during the run.

If you know this music, you’ll be able to see that I do have some slower songs on there, as well as the more upbeat stuff. I like to have both fast and slow songs because it’s nice to be able to take a break with a slower beat. Then, after a slow jam, the rockin’ songs make me want to pick it back up and I feel totally refreshed. I am really learning to pace myself, and I think that’s been key to the long distance running.


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