Admit it, you’re guilty… of being a little over-zealous at the apple orchard and still having five pounds of apples laying around. It’s okay, who wouldn’t go crazy with a picker in one hand an empty bag in the other — it’s only natural.

This means, though, that we must find something to do with all your hard earned fruit. Today I tried my hand at two wonderfully delicious apple creations today and I am here to share!

1. Apple Omelet

In this perfect omelet, I included:

Red onion (cooked a little before)
Smoked mozz

What a perfect combination this made for a cool, windy, fall evening dinner! The key, though, to this and all omelets, is to cook the egg flat in the pan, add your ingredients on one half, and then place the pan under the broiler for a few minutes. This melts it to the perfect gooey consistency.

This is how you get the most melt out of your cheese -- key to a great omelet!

This also helps when flipping, which is when we all inevitably turn it from an omelet to scrambled eggs. Because the egg is perfectly cooked, you simply flip one side on top of the other, and BOOM:



One piece of advice: be generous with the apples — the sweetness is needed to contrast with the smokey-ness of the cheese and acidity of the onions.

2. Applesauce, etc!

My second apple creation was apple sauce, and consequently apple tea!

Step one: Peel the apples! I used six.

Step two: Dice them into small pieces; I found this helped to cut down on the time it needed in the pot.

  • Step three: Throw them into a pot, and let boil. Mine only took about 10 minutes! Strain, mush up apples and add sugar/cinnamon/any spices you prefer to taste.

I decided to save the water my apples boiled in, and was pleasantly surprised to find that it made a wonderful apple-flavored hot tea!

Final products!! Apple sauce and tea!


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