To all my cooking challenged friends out there

Aren’t we all inherently our best chef? We know what we like, and how we like it. I find that when I make something that doesn’t turn out well, Ben and I will often go our separate ways in the kitchen and turn it into the dish that we would like. Adding our own touches to personalize the dish. To do this, we are reaching into the pages of our own cook books.

Everyone has one. A specific list of ingredients that we like paired with other items to make a complete dish. Some of dishes in my cookbook:

  • Asparagus topped with an over easy egg, and a dash of Jane’s Krazy Lime Pepper — Yumm, yumm eat em’ up!
  • Klingers sour dough bread, with Annie’s Honey Mustard. tomato, green pepper, pickle, and smoked cheddar — a little toasting and that’s a done deal.
  • Tomatoes, red onion and fresh garlic in a pan with olive oil, cooked up to make a simple pasta topping — Thanks to Jillian Michael’s for this recipe; I used one of hers as inspiration.

And that is only a few of the random combinations I have in my head. I’m always flipping through my rolodex of creations. A lot of my own cookbook comes from dishes I’ve found in real cookbooks I have kicking around. As I believe I’ve said before, I hate using them because they usually call for items that I just don’t normally stock my cupboards with.

So I skim through the pages, pulling out an entree from one recipe and sauce from another — always being my own short order cook; tailoring to my own needs. Though you may not realize it, we all do this. If us bad cooks could simply harness our brilliant ideas that linger between the cereal box and frying pan, we would see that we really do have what it takes to run our kitchen like a classical orchestra conductor.

So go on  my fellow timid cooks! Grab your cookbooks, tweak, taste and enjoy!


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