Two in one week!!!

So, I’m writing to say that I have completed TWO delicious dishes in ONE WEEK! So:

We have had a ton of fresh produce from Ben’s parents gardens, so I’ve been in the mood to cook some healthy, yummy stuff. Earlier this week I made a baked veggie layer dish. I started with a base of breaded zucchini, then added a thin layer of red sauce. I sprinkled a hefty helping of Parmesan and proceeded to add a heaping mound of cooked brocc, onions and garlic. On top of that I added a thick schmere of creamy pesto sauce — fresh pesto cooked up in a pan with some soy milk — and a handful of shredded mozz to give it that creamy, melted, stringy, delicious cheese affect everyone loves so much. When finished I layed it on a bed of whole wheat angel hair. So simple, but SO good, and Ben even liked it. Which is the best part of both of these dishes is that he actually truly liked both of them!

Then, just now, I made a “rice salad” dish. Ben’s mom had a vegetarian cookbook which actually looked like it had some really simple recipes in it. Side note: The thing I hate about most cookbooks is they always require me to have all these ingredients that I don’t have, therefore I never use them and hence am a bad cook! But, I noticed this had some truly easy recipes, with ingredients I always have in my pantry, so tonight I took on a basil vinaigrette dressing. The actual recipe ended up being a bit too oily, but I added some garlic powder, more basil and garlic salt and it was MUCH better. Trusty old garlic always makes it better!

But, for the rice salad (I got the idea to do a rice salad from this cookbook, too!) I quickly cooked up some zucc, tomato and onion — all from Ben’s parents garden! — and corn, also from Vermont. I added it to the jasmine rice we had left over from last nights meal, added the doctored up dressing and it was amazing. Perfect amount of basil and garlic, and the fresh veggies give it that summer look and taste. Definitely a salad I’m gonna play around with more because I am SO SICK of eating lettuce, but I love the idea of a salad, ya know? I’m a veggie queen, and like to have as many in my meals as I can, so salads are perfect for that.

So, just thought I would share in my triumph of making two great dishes in one week. There is hope!


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