More bad cooking… but…

So, I hate to report that unfortunately, my cooking hasn’t improved since my last post. It hasn’t worsened either, though, so I’d say that’s atleast a positive, right?

As of late I’ve been cooking Ben eggs every morning before work and we decided that’s the one thing I’m good at so I’ve been playing around with making eggs and created some really yummy meals:

I always have a lot of asparagus lying around, as I buy it from the farmers market every Saturday, and one morning when I didn’t have bread I turned to a bed of steamed asparagus to soak up the delicious, creamy, thick yolk that I love so much. Delicious!! I was so proud– because even though I may not have been the first to think that one up, I did think up all on my own!

Also, just today, after an incredible workout, I created an egg sandwhich, on the best Vermont bread… veryyy yolky, on toasted bread, with some lettuce and “fried” tomatos. (By fried I mean I put some butter in the egg pan and placed some slices of tomato in it and just cooked up them gently.) I was pleasantly surprised that a kind of cooked slice of tomato tastes just like tomato sauce. Yum!

More work is needed, for sure, but I’m still truckin’ along..!


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