I always knew..

I’ve always known I was a bad cook. Don’t get me wrong, I love cooking and I continue to try and, unfortunately for my boyfriend, Ben, I continue to fail. This past Saturday I went to the Farmer’s Market and got some great food, one of the items being some veggie crumble. (I’m a vegetarian, FYI, and my boyfriend is not, but this actually doesn’t cause any problems as we are both very healthy eaters and I’m not a preaching veg head.) I thought, I’ll just toss the veggie crumble in a pan with the thick, bright green asparagus I just got, cook it up, and add some egg to make a yummy scramble. Harmless?

When I bought the crumble from the guy at the Folk Foods stand he told me to check out his facebook page because he had some cooking instructions and ingredients to check out. Of course, did I check it out before cooking?– no. What I thought would be great meal turned out to be dry, and to put it bluntly– gross. Well, I ate most of it because I didn’t think it was the most terrible thing my taste buds have come into contact with… after adding some cheese and salsa, but I told Ben I wouldn’t be offended if he made himself some new breakfast… and he did.

So, as I was sitting there eating this terrible breakfast I thought how funny it would be to be watching this on a sitcom. The girlfriend can’t cook, yet always is, and the always obliging boyfriend who still eats it and says it’s good. (He’s too good to me haha)

This is why I started this blog, and this is when I hit rock bottom in the kitchen. No where to go but up, right?


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